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Garden Design and Consultations

Living in Southern California we recognize the importance of designing drought tolerant gardens even in the season of rain! Plants that are most suited for, and give benefit to this environment are California natives, which is why use them in our gardens. However, conditions in every garden is different, so we choose the best plants for the garden requirements. Our designs always come with alternate plant options.

Have the garden design, now what?

We typically work with with contractors with whom we have a relationship but our designs have been installed by contactors the homeowner chose, and as do-it-yourself installs. We tailor designs based on the who, what and why – so there is as smooth install as possible and the garden envisioned is the one created.

I’m doing it myself, I just need some direction

A lower cost option are garden consults providing tips, plant choices and hardscape suggestions. We will come out, walk your garden, and plan with you right then and there. We’ll leave you a list of plant options and where to buy the plants or we can go shopping together.

Call or text Sarah to set up a time discuss your garden plans: 781-424-6289.